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How to See WIFI Password on iPhone

Alex Scott,  21 May, 2021
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How to get WIFI password from iPhone? Useless that you have saved the WIFI password in iPhone or you can remember the WIFI password in iPhone, or you can't view WIFI password iPhone directly from iPhone settings. Fortunately, you can share the saved WIFI password to the nearby iPhone you trusted without providing the exact WIFI password to others.

WIFI is free if you can get the right password, link iPhone to the WIFI with the right WIFI password, then you can browse all without considering the mobile data consumption. “is there WIFI here?” becomes one communication term for mobile users. Enable WIFI on iPhone, find out the available WIFI account, enter the WIFI password, connect to the WIFI with success by tapping on Connect button.

It should be the WIFI of a shop/a restaurant/ a supermarket or the friend's home WIFI. You can even link to the WIFI automatically without entering the WIFI password again when you reached the range of the WIFI. You may don't remember the WIFI password on iPhone, you needn't remember the WIFI password either.

But when you would like to link to the WIFI to your new iDevice, how to check WIFI password on iPhone which linked to the WIFI already? Maybe you should ask for the WIFI owner one more time in the case that you can't remember the WIFI password. Or when your friends ask for the WIFI password in your iPhone, how to get WIFI password from iPhone? The answer is no, you can't look up WIFI password on iPhone directly, the saved WIFI password was viewed as some black spots rather than the composition of letters, numbers, and symbols(the composition of the WIFI password in iPhone depends on the WIFI owner, it can be the letter, number, and symbol).

You can't see your WIFI password on iPhone directly, apple prohibits users to make WIFI password visible, you can't find out the WIFI password on iPhone after entering it on iPhone. Without the exact WIFI password, but you can still share WIFI password on your iPhone to nearby iDevice without providing the exact WIFI password.

How to Share WIFI Password on iPhone

It's the way to connect iPhone to WIFI without knowing the WIFI password, but it's conditional. No need for the exact WIFI password, if the iDevice nearby was linked to the WIFI already, the iDevice can share WIFI to the nearby iDevice directly.

Before WIFI Password Sharing
1.First of all, at least two iOS phones, one was already linked to the WIFI, another one can't connect to the WIFI because you can't find out the right WIFI password.
2.Update those two iDevice to the latest iOS version.
3.Add the apple id of each other to the Contacts. Just save the email account of apple id in contacts. It's the step to prove that the iDevice you'll share the WIFI password is your friend. So both two iDevice should saved each other's apple id email account.
4.Turn on the WIFI and Bluetooth features on both two iDevice. Don't turn on the hotpot on the iDevice.
5.Putting two iDevice nearby so that the WIFI password sender can scan out the iDevice nearby with success.

Steps to Share Your WIFI Password
Apple allows that you can share your WIFI password when another iDevice has your apple id account in contacts, apple admin the WIFI sharing without entering the exact WIFI password. When your iDevice and your friend iDevice meet all conditions above, follow the steps below to share your WIFI password in iPhone with others.

Step 1: Link your iPhone to the WIFI network you want to share. No need for WIFI password if you've already linked to the WIFI network before.
Step 2: One another one iDevice, it should link to the WIFI network also, tap on the WIFI network.
Step 3: On your iPhone, tap on Share Password when pops the window, then tap on Done.
How to see WIFI password on iPhone

If both two iDevice iOS version is latest one, and both two enabled the Bluetooth and WIFI features already, but still there isn't the window of WIFI password share window popping on the source iDevice, you can try the tip following:

Turn off and then turn on both two iDevice and try one more time, if you have WIFI password on iPhone, just bypass the WIFI password sharing operation, why not enter the WIFI password manually in another iPhone directly.

how to figure out WIFI password on iPhone? You don't have the way to see WIFI password on iPhone, so write down the WIFI password when you get the WIFI password.