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How to Fix Videos Won't Play on Facebook

Alex Scott,  02 August, 2021
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Facebook videos not working issue can be caused by many reasons, find out the cause of the issue and then use the corresponding method to fix Facebook watch not working issue.

Facebook grows up rapidly and owns a large number of users all over the world, and Facebook is no longer the only chat APP already with the Facebook messenger feature, we can share photos/videos/texts/links to your friends or all people on Facebook. We can even interact with Facebook friends Facebook through emails/comments/pokes. For business users, Facebook is full of business opportunities with a large number of users online at the same time, it's more effective to pay for Facebook to get profits.

With the growth of Facebook, the Facebook issues come out at the same time, it's inevitable, what we can do is find out the cause of the issue and then use the effective solution to fix the Facebook issue. Facebook videos not playing is one common issue, here is the solution to fix Facebook videos not loading and playing issue.

Part 1: Why Won't Videos Play on Facebook

There are many causes of Facebook videos not working issue, locate the cause of the issue to find out the effective method to fix Facebook videos not working issue effectively.

Network Connection
Facebook is free for all users, but you should link to the available network on computer or on a mobile device. If the network is out of usage, you can't load and play videos on Facebook from friends or on the timeline.

Facebook Account Connection
Before using Facebook, make sure that you've linked to your Facebook account with success. Some videos on Facebook can't be played by all Facebook users, you should sign in Facebook account first of all.

Available Area
Facebook can't be used in all areas all over the world, if you're on a business trip or having a holiday in a country where Facebook is still prohibited, you can't use Facebook not only playing videos on Facebook.

Facebook Updating Time
When Facebook was cracked, Facebook should repair the Facebook system, what you can do is waiting for the Facebook updating and fixing time.

Browser Doesn't Support the Using of Facebook
Some browsers can only browse the domestic website rather than the foreign website, you can't browse any information on Facebook.

Part 2: How to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing on iPhone/iPad

Facebook can be used on mobile phones and computers, when Facebook videos not playing on iPhone, try to use the solutions below one by one. In fact, not only iPhone, if Facebook videos not playing on an Android phone, you can use the same tips below.

Check the WIFI or the Network on iPhone/Android
Facebook runs with the help of the available network, connect iPhone/Android to the available and stable network, it's better to link to the rapid wifi account before playing videos on Facebook, it takes a few seconds to load the videos on Facebook if the video is too long or the network is weak.

Close the Facebook and Sign in One More Time
If the video won't load after a few minutes, close the website and open it again.

Free up iPhone/Android
Facebook runs smoothly with enough space in mobile phone if your iPhone is out of storage and worked hardly already. Free up iPhone/Android phone before playing Facebook videos. You can delete useless photos and videos on iPhone/Android phone, or uninstall APPs from your mobile phone to get more space.

Restart iPhone
The restarting of the mobile devices can solve many issues, you can hold the power button to power off and then power on iPhone/Android phone. Sign in the Facebook website again after restarting the operation.

If you're in an area where doesn't support Facebook, use the VPN APP to switch to the country where Facebook is supported. Install the VPN APP on your mobile phone. You should make the iPhone link to the available wifi and then enable the VPN APP in the iPhone. Sign in to Facebook in the browser.

Change Browser
If you use Facebook in the browser, you should use google/firefox or other international browsers on iPhone. Don't use the unknown browser to play Facebook videos.

Register Another Facebook Account
Because of the abnormal operation in Facebook, your Facebook account was blocked, how can you play Facebook videos normally? If you want to use Facebook after being blocked, register one new Facebook account with the Gmail account.

Clear Facebook APP Cache
Clear Facebook data from Facebook settings. Facebook or Facebook messenger, before clearing data, it's better to backup Facebook chat history or APP data to computer or cloud, you can restore from the backup file. Go to Settings>Browser Settings>Clear Data, clear up all Facebook cache, return to the Facebook APP to play videos.

Uninstall and Reinstall Facebook APP in iPhone
If all tips above can fix Facebook videos not playing issue, uninstall your Facebook APP then reinstall it, use the Facebook account to log in and play videos.

Those are all tips to fix Facebook video not playing on iPhone issue, you can find out the cause of the issue and then use the exact solution or use all tips above one by one to fix Facebook videos do not play problem.

Part 3: What to Do When Facebook Won't Play Videos on Computer

Facebook doesn't have a computer version APP, you can use the Facebook official website and all features online directly. But when you can't play videos on Facebook, you can also get the solution from this part.

Network on Computer
You're using Facebook on a mobile device or computer, make sure the network is workable, you can test the network in other APPs or browsing another website.

VPN is Necessary for Some Countries
You need also install the VPN APP in your computer or VPN extension to the browser at the moment that your country doesn't allow the running of Facebook, link the network to a country like the United States or England, then sign in to Facebook in the website to play Facebook video smoothly. If the network isn't strong, switch to another country or area in the VPN.

Register New Facebook Account
We've inferred from the second part already, in the case that your Facebook was blocked, don't worry, just register another new Facebook account, search out the video and add all your friends back.

Restart the Computer
The Facebook videos play normally, but suddenly, you can't watch videos on Facebook, all tips above were unavailable, reboot your computer, open the browser and sign in Facebook to play the videos you want to play.

Free Up Computer
The computer internal drive disks were full, there isn't any space to do any operation on the computer, neither playing Facebook videos. Free up more space for the computer: delete some backed up data in the computer, remove some useless APPs from computer, or you can even clear cache in the website to get more space for computer.

Switch to Another Browser
Why not install another browser on your computer and then play Facebook videos. Some browsers don't support Facebook.com, or you've blocked Facebook on the website settings, use another browser to fix Facebook videos not playing issue.

That's all available ways to fix videos that won't play on the Facebook issue. Get the corresponding solution from all above according to the cause of the Facebook problem.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 30 December, 2021