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How to Download Drake Nonstop to MP3

Alex Scott,  08 November, 2019
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Not satisfied with the enjoyment online or offline on Apple Music/Spotify/YouTube? Want to download Drake Nonstop song and video for life-long keeping? Eelphone Apple Music Converter/Eelphone Spotify Converter/Eelphone YouTube Video Converter will download Drake Nonstop video and song in clicks with original quality without DRM protection.

Drake Nonstop, best songs on Scorpion, Drake album 2018 scorpion song, somebody call it also Drake never stop. Why we take Drake Nonstop as the best in scorpion album 2018? Nonstop has reached number one in Canada as well as the top ten in Australia, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, prior to being released as a single. Additionally, Nonstop was the most streamed song in the US during the first week of Scorpion's release on 7/31/2018. for rap lover, it's the best song for scorpion album in 2018.

Apple Music and Spotify, two digital music services in the music market, play original quality Nonstop on Apple Music and Spotify. YouTube, the biggest video player all over the word side, it' s the first place to release Nonstop video, to download Nonstop video from YouTube for permanent keeping, or we can download Drake Nonstop song only from Apple Music or Spotify without DRM limitation, downloaded Nonstop is DRM-free, and we can drag download Nonstop video and song to any mobile device or player.

Part 1: Nonstop Drake Video Download from YouTube

Released on 7/31/2018, chased respected by his fans, large playback on YouTube of Nonstop video, online enjoy the video is not enough, we want to download Drake Nonstop video to computer to play it in other players or put it into mobile device to offline playing.

Step 1: Free download the Eelphone YouTube Video Converter to computer, install and launch it.
Note: from the homepage of the tool, you can see all feathers on the tool, download videos, record computer, convert video from one format to another format, transfer videos from computer to device directly from the tool. We can use the Download feather to download Drake Nonstop video from YouTube, and transfer downloaded Nonstop video to mobile device by connecting device to the tool.
Drake nonstop video download

Step 2: Unless Nonstop video was already in your computer, or we need the url of Nonstop video on YouTube, so we should copy Nonstop video link from YouTube: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=rIhx2wZ8jnA
Drake nonstop download

Step 3: Before download Drake Nonstop video, set up the output format of Nonstop video, and the save folder of downloaded Nonstop video. We can download Nonstop video and convert Nonstop video at the same time by open Download then Convert Mode on the right-upper corner.
Drake nonstop download
Drake nonstop download
Drake nonstop download

Step 4: Paste the Nonstop video link to the tool by clicking on Paste URL icon on the tool. Then click on Download, select MP4 and the highest quality of when asked.
Drake nonstop download
Drake nonstop download

Once Nonstop video downloaded from YouTube, if you want to transfer Nonstop video to iPhone or Android phone, connect the phone to the computer, click on the Transfer feather on the tool to move Drake Nonstop video to the mobile device.

Part 2: Drake Nonstop Free MP3 Download from Apple Music

Nonstop clean version with original quality for Apple Music subscriber, pay 9.9$ per month for Apple Music, high quality of music make large number music fans subscribe into Apple Music, download Drake Nonstop online on Apple Music, that we can play Nonstop song offline on Apple Music, but limited on Apple Music rather than other players because of the DRM protection. Download Drake Nonstop song to MP3 from Apple Music with the help of Eelphone Apple Music Converter, DRM free Nonstop song can be moved to any music player or mobile device.

Step 1: Free download Eelphone Apple Music converter on computer, make it work after the installation of the Apple Music converter, from the home page of the Apple Music converter, convert drrm-protected Apple Music playlist, and also DRM-free audios on computer to another format we want, it means one audio converter at the same time.
Drake nonstop MP3 download

Step 2: The Eelphone Apple Music converter need to cooperate with iTunes library, so we should sync Drake Nonstop song to iTunes, make sure Nonstop song is the iTunes library playlist. Click on the first icon at the left side, from iTunes library, click on Nonstop song to remove DRM protection.
Drake nonstop MP3 download

Step 3: Set up MP3 as the output format of Nonstop song, and the location of downloaded Nonstop song, even the output quality of Nonstop song.
Drake nonstop MP3 download

Step 4: Click on Convert to download Drake Nonstop to MP3 without DRM protection, and DRM-free Nonstop song is in the folder you have defined.
Drake nonstop MP3 download

Drake Nonstop song on the save folder, DRM-free, we can transfer it to any players or mobile device, no need of internet, no need of payment for it every month, original quality, just enjoy non stop song as we like.

Part 3: Nonstop MP3 Download from Spotify

Not Apple Music subscriber, we can't get the Nonstop playlist on iTunes library, we can use Spotify, another music service APP from where we can free enjoy Nonstop song, but we can't download Nonstop song from Spotify for offline playing if you are not the Spotify premium. Eelphone Spotify Converter, use the Nonstop song link from Spotify, download Nonstop song to MP3 without DRM in original quality.

Step 1: Free download the Eelphone Spotify Converter to computer, from the interface of the converter, we need the source of Nonstop song, we can drag the song to the converter directly, or paste the Nonstop song link to the converter to load the song.

Step 2: Go to Spotify APP or Spotify website to get the song link.
Drake nonstop download
Drake nonstop mp3 download

Step 3: Paste the Nonstop song link to the converter search box, tap on enter key, and the converter will load the Nonstop song on the board.
Drake nonstop MP3 download

Step 4: Also, we should set up settings of downloaded Nonstop song, set up MP3 as the output format, set up the save folder, and the quality of downloaded Nonstop song without DRM protection.
Drake nonstop MP3 download
Drake nonstop MP3 download
Click on Convert to download Nonstop song to MP3, also, in the save folder, we can get DRM-free Nonstop song, put Drake Nonstop MP3 to player you want, or mobile device, permanent keeping.
Drake nonstop MP3 download

Nonstop Drake download from YouTube or music service app as we like, all Drake songs can be downloaded with this method, burn Drake song to CD for permanent keeping.

Alex Scott

This article was updated on 08 November, 2019

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